Create, develop and maintain High Performance Teams

Create, develop and maintain High Performance Teams

Team Performance Scan™

Tried and tested tool that enables teams to reach their full potential and deliver enhanced results

Measures the 10 key themes of team performance and highlights strengths and areas for development

Suggests courses of action to work on to improve development areas

Tracks improvement over time to maintain focus and measure return on investment

Easy to use and inexpensive

“ TPS has helped us maximise performance ”

Morag Inglis Portrait Pic

Morag Inglis
Director, Swan Partners

Swan Partners, a leading finance consultancy based in London and Manchester, have been using Team Performance Scan to develop their team of directors. Morag Inglis, Director said:

After our first report, we were able to remind ourselves of the strengths we had and – whilst we were pleased with the scores – we were able to identify some areas that we could focus on. By implementing some simple changes and reinforcing these over time, we saw a significant improvement. We completed a second Team Performance Scan recently and were delighted to see the scores and the trend continuing to head upwards. Collaboration and teamwork are essential in our business and this has helped us play to those strengths.

A unique eye on the team

We have worked with thousands of teams within corporate organisations, sport and public bodies. These include the McLaren Formula 1 Racing Team, high security prison leadership teams and organisations such as Amazon and the NHS. This experience and research has led to the development of – a fantastic tool to diagnose, measure, track and identify areas for development. View a sample report

There are countless performance objectives by which team success can be defined. For some it might be financial goals, in sport it might be “winning” and in many teams achieving a meaningful altruistic purpose or outcome is important. Whatever the goals are, the way in which the team work together is vital. We’ve identified 10 key themes that we’ve consistently found present in teams that are very successful in achieving those goals. Five of them are related to process and five are behavioural.

includes a 14-page interpretative guide that helps team coaches, facilitators and leaders to discuss the results and explore team process and behaviour. The guide is full of practical suggestions and tips to implement solutions and aid the process of improvement.

We also include an ongoing measurement and tracking feature so the team remains focussed on their development journey.

Track trends over time

Easily and cost-effectively reappraise the team every few months to drive positive outcomes.

Visualise consistency of feeling

See beneath the averages to identify outliers and ‘split camps’ in the underlying data.

Isolate highs and lows

Focus in on those aspects requiring celebration, emphasis or action.



  • Do you want to develop your consulting skills?
  • Do you want to know how you can help teams improve their overall performance?
  • Do you want to work with like-minded professionals with a passion for improvement, supporting and challenging each other, sharing ideas and creating an influential Team Performance Coach network?

The unique Team Performance Coach programme – designed and delivered by the experienced team at Fruitful Developments – focuses on diagnosing a team’s current performance effectively and implementing the development initiatives needed to improve future performance.

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